Friday, May 30, 2014

Poseidon God of the sea

Poseidon is the God of the sea he is also the god of the earthquakes, storms and horse. He is the brother of Zeus Demeter, Hera, Hestia, Hades. He has seven Theseus, Triton, Polyphemus, Belus, Agenor, Neleus, Atlas. His roman name is Neptune. Poseidon's weapon of choice is the Trident. His trident was crafted by Hephaestus. Hephaestus also crafted Zeus's lighting bolt and Hades pitchfork. Poseidon is known to be temperamental, Powerful and Loyal. He has these traits because he is the brother of  Zeus and has stuck by his side forever.

This is my favorite god because he has no equal. No one can do what he does. He can do so much with the sea at his control. I would respect Poseidon because he can do so many things with something as simple as water. Poseidon greatest strength is his powers. If he didn't have his powers he would just be a soldier. His greatest weakness is that he was very unpredictable.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Greek myths story

Freak Waves at Sea
The Titan tips over with over a hundred people on board

Chris Smith
staff reporter

Huge waves at the sea that wiped many people yesterday. The Titan the largest boat at sea at the time was tipped over with many people on board. This boat was over 6 stories high. When this ship went over board the entire crew went in a panic. These passengers went running for safety  when the ship was rocked back and forth. “Many people jumped off the boat when it started to tip over” a passenger said. The captain says that the boat started to fall apart with a flash of of lighting hitting the the deck.
After research I found out that there has been many lightning strikes all over the worlds sea. In the same places there have been freak waves. The Greeks have responded to this and have said that this has happened before and it is the gods Poseidon and Zeus fighting. When this happened before hundreds of people died from the numerous lightning strikes. The ships that were at sea were never seen again. The last time this happened 53 years ago. A survivor of this lightning strike 53 years ago says “It was the most terrifying thing of my life.”  

There were over 500 deaths and 750 injured. This number has made many people terrified, distraught and many kids orphans. If this is the gods fighting this could kill everyone in time. I personally wonder what will happen now. What will we do? How will we do this? These are the questions asked all over the world.

Monday, May 12, 2014


The Beginning
YouTube was invented February 14, 2005. This site allows billions of people to watch and share videos. This is a gobble site for everyone. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim were the founders of YouTube. They invented it in a Menlo park garage. All of them became millionaires when they sold it for 1.65 billion dollars to the Google search engine.

I like to use YouTube to watch videos and see what the world is up to. I know there are many other sites that i could use but i like the way YouTube is set up. The only complaint i have about YouTube is the Google Plus feature. The Google plus features a feature where you have to sign in to Google Plus. But you only have to sign up if you want to leave comments.  The thing that I don't like is the stuff that people put in the comments with Google plus you can draw pictures in the comments and some people put up odd things.
The challenge for this blog is to comment if you like YouTube or do you not like it. Answer these questions in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark hall

In the book down a dark hall four girls are selected to a boarding school called Blackwood. Kit, Sandy, Ruth, and Lynda are receivers. Receivers are people With ESP. Receivers provide a gate way to to a world here the dead linger. The dead can take over the girls body and do what they want. But this only works when the receiver doesn't have a mind with world problems.Madame Duret runs this experiment with the help of Professor Farley. There were many girls who that were involved in this experiment. But the bad thing that happened to all of them is that when they found out what was happening to them they either went insane or killed themselves. When Kit and the girls found out what happen to the other girls they wanted to leave Blackwood. The reason Madame Duret and Professor Farley are keeping these girls in the school is because of all the money they make off the girls. One girl painted a painting that was lost forever but the painting wasn't painted by her  it was painted by a person who was dead and that person used her body to do it.

I like this book very much because there is suspense and mystery. I like mystery books I don't know why they just interest me. I also think I would recommend it to a friend because overall it is a great book. The plot, setting, and the characters all just tie together perfectly.

Will you read this book? Have you already read it? Answer these questions in the comments below. The challenge for this blog post is to read Down a dark Hall it is a very good book. The pictures above are the two cover types you can get.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein 
Shel Silverstein was born September 25,1930 in Chicago.He studied music and wrote his own music. He wrote the song "A Boy Named Sue". He also wrote poetry for kids. One of his poems was "A Light in the Attic". The poem he is most known for is "The Giving Tree". He got his ideas from any thing he wanted. He died in 1999.

Giving Tree
Once there was a tree....
and she loved a little boy.
And everyday the boy would come
and he would gather her leaves
and make them into crowns
and play king of the forest.
He would climb up her trunk
and swing from her branches
and eat apples.
And they would play hide-and-go-seek.
And when he was tired,
he would sleep in her shade.
And the boy loved the tree....
very much.
And the tree was happy.
But time went by.
And the boy grew older.
And the tree was often alone.
Then one day the boy came to the tree
and the tree said, "Come, Boy, come and
climb up my trunk and swing from my
branches and eat apples and play in my
shade and be happy."
"I am too big to climb and play" said
the boy.
"I want to buy things and have fun.
I want some money?"
"I'm sorry," said the tree, "but I
have no money.
I have only leaves and apples.
Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in
the city. Then you will have money and
you will be happy."
And so the boy climbed up the
tree and gathered her apples
and carried them away.
And the tree was happy.
But the boy stayed away for a long time....
and the tree was sad.
And then one day the boy came back
and the tree shook with joy
and she said, "Come, Boy, climb up my trunk
and swing from my branches and be happy."
"I am too busy to climb trees," said the boy.
"I want a house to keep me warm," he said.
"I want a wife and I want children,
and so I need a house.
Can you give me a house ?"
" I have no house," said the tree.
"The forest is my house,
but you may cut off
my branches and build a
house. Then you will be happy."

And so the boy cut off her branches
and carried them away
to build his house.
And the tree was happy.
But the boy stayed away for a long time.
And when he came back,
the tree was so happy
she could hardly speak.
"Come, Boy," she whispered,
"come and play."
"I am too old and sad to play,"
said the boy.
"I want a boat that will
take me far away from here.
Can you give me a boat?"
"Cut down my trunk
and make a boat," said the tree.
"Then you can sail away...
and be happy."
And so the boy cut down her trunk
and made a boat and sailed away.
And the tree was happy
... but not really.

And after a long time
the boy came back again.
"I am sorry, Boy,"
said the tree," but I have nothing
left to give you -
My apples are gone."
"My teeth are too weak
for apples," said the boy.
"My branches are gone,"
said the tree. " You
cannot swing on them - "
"I am too old to swing
on branches," said the boy.
"My trunk is gone, " said the tree.
"You cannot climb - "
"I am too tired to climb" said the boy.
"I am sorry," sighed the tree.
"I wish that I could give you something....
but I have nothing left.
I am just an old stump.
I am sorry...."
"I don't need very much now," said the boy.
"just a quiet place to sit and rest.
I am very tired."
"Well," said the tree, straightening
herself up as much as she could,
"well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting
Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest."
And the boy did.
And the tree was happy.

I feel the message this poem is giving is that you should care for people even if you have to take it to an extreme. I personally like this poem because it shows how some people care for each other and others don't bother to even try. Even when the tree had nothing left it still gave the man somthing. I can relate to this poem because I have someone who cares for me. I also feel that while he was writing this he was in a very happy mood.

The kind of poetry that Shel made was personification. Personification is when you give a non-living thing human characteristics. Shel does this by giving the tree a caring characteristic. When caring for someone means to display kindness and also it means to concern others.


I challenge you to read at least one more poem from Shel Silverstein. Also tell me who is your favorite poet or if you don't care for poetry. I hope you enjoyed my blog. Biography, Poem were all of my sources.


What Inspires you


Jeremy Lin is professional basketball player that is on the Rockets. He is an inspiration to many people across the glob. He is from Harvard University and he is also a Chinese-American-Christian. His inspiration is God. When Jeremy had his debut he had  25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assist, and 2 steals. That wasn't even the end of the game when that happened. At the end of the game he said "God's work in mysterious ways." (This quote is from The New York Times)

I personally have no one that inspirers me. I'm sure I will have someone to inspire me someday I just have no one to look up to. If I had to give a name right I would choose God. But to me I want something that I can look to as a role model. Some one that I would want to try to compare myself to. I can't do that with God.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who is Worst

Justin Bieber is a pop star that was found off of a website called YouTube. He started out a very popular celebrity but over the years his popularity raised alot. A Canadian pop star who was founded in 2008 turned into one of the biggest things in celebrities. Some things good others bad.


Miley Cyrus was on a very famous TV show called Hannah Montana. This show went on for a while and had viewers talking about it for a long time. When the show ended people were forgetting more and more about Miley Cyrus. She was away from the public eye for 3 years. Then she came out with a music video called We Can't Stop.

What's wrong
Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami. He was arrested for a DUI, an expired Miami license, and resisting arrest. He was bailed out of jail and above is his mug shot. In my opinion he looks way to confident. Ive never seen anyone smile in a mug shot. He knew that nothing would happen to him because of his fan base and all of his money. I found out what he did by this website.

Miley Cyrus made a video called "We Can't Stop" The song is fine but the video is just weird it isn't bad but the music video is "interesting". Then the video was talk about a lot for a dissent amount of time. Some thought that she was going to stop making videos like this but she didn't care. In my opinion I like celebrities who dont care about "Haters". But the next video was even worst. Miley Cyrus' next music video called "Wrecking Ball" If you watch this video you know what I'm talking about. This music video show her riding a wrecking ball naked. If you watch the whole video it doesn't show any thing really serious but it is still pretty bad. I dont have any words for her "Adore You" video and her Bangers tour that she is doing right now.


Both these celebrities are bad in a way because if you think about what children learn from this it draws a bad picture in my head. Justin got out of jail without learning any lesson and just walked away from it like it never happened. Miley nothing will happen except some angry letters from parents. Who is worst or is there someone else that I may have missed?